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A top can be worn with pants, skirts, etc. Tops come in different shapes, sizes, patterns and designs. But the basic method of stitching a top is the same.
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Vani's blog 1 : Step frock -
The term Pakistani clothing refers to the ethnic clothing that is typically worn by individuals in the country of Pakistan and by the People of Pakistani descent.
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Latest Bridal Lehenga Design with Short Blouse. Top: Color: Upsdell red Fabric: Raw Silk Do a graceful walk in this enchanting bridal dress. Short length shirt ...
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Bollywood and Lollywood Celebrities Before And After Surgery |
These days, it's tough to find a Bollywood celeb who hasn't gone under the knife. Most are spoken about for their breast implants. Shilpa Shetty and Sridevi for their ...
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Fashion Zone -
Fashion Zone is a complete Hub of Fashion. Fashion at your doorstep. Latest Fashion Hair Styles,Fashion Shoes Collection , Bridal Dresses, Jewelry Collection, Bridal ...
FASHION & STYLE | Ebony Life Xcite Africa
Oyato Design & Artistry presents its Summer/Spring Collection – ‘Vintage Pop Print’ New York based Nigerian fashion designer, Odunayo Ade presents her new 2013 ...

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