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Parallel pants are trendy and stylish pants that are usually worn with front opening kurtas or short tops. The construction and method of stitching a parallel pant is ...
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A top can be worn with pants, skirts, etc. Tops come in different shapes, sizes, patterns and designs. But the basic method of stitching a top is the same.
Black Silk Blouses - Shop for Black Silk Blouses on …
Fashion in Trivandrum - Style apparel and fashion accessories shops and stores in Trivandrum.
Indian Lengha Pakistani Lehnga Designer Lengha Bridal ... discover everything from designer Indian Lengha Pakistani Lehnga Designer Lengha, Bridal Lehenga, Wedding Lengha and much more.
Velvet Jeans - Shop for Velvet Jeans on Polyvore
Buy Phase Eight Roxie Oversized Silk Blouse, Cream from our Women's Tops range at John Lewis. Free Delivery on orders over £50.
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Pakistani Fashion designers | Pakistan Fashion Magazine
Fashion designer Abdul Samad showcased his debut collection at Fashion Pakistan Week 2010, which proved him as one of the most creative fashion designers in Pakistan.

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